Luxury villa

Today I have an offer for you beachfront villa marbella for sale Centrummarbella.
It is a very advantageous offer.
Price of a villa by the sea: five hundred thousand euros
The area of ​​the villa by the sea: two hundred square meters
Number of rooms of the villa by the sea: two + bathroom and kitchen

čtení smlouvy
As we get closer, we can see a beautiful villa, which is illuminated by yellow light. In front of the villa is a beautiful pool in blue. At the entrance to the villa we can see as the first stairs that lead us to a beautiful terrace in front of the villa. On the terrace there are comfortable seats made of comfortable material. There are several seats – four square (light purple), two round (in dark green) and on the other side are laid loungers, which are used to relax by the pool. The villa is bordered by a wall, which gives an ancient impression.
As the first room here we can see the bedroom, which is furnished in gray and from the window we can see a view of the garden of the villa. Above the bed is a painting of blue Spanish inscriptions, because the owner of the villa loves the Spanish language. Of course, the bedroom also has a really large double bed in pastel colors.

obývací poko

The bedroom is connected to the bathroom, so after getting out of bed, you can go to the toilet from the comfort of your bedroom. Another room is the kitchen, which is furnished in the style of an elegant dining room with a large bar, wooden table and chairs around. The whole villa has really luxurious furniture. Another room is the living room, which is very spacious. The living room has a white-gray sofa with two smaller round tables. The entire living room is decorated in black. The windows are glazed so you can see what\’s going on around you. The whole villa is really luxurious and located in a luxurious neighborhood by the sea.

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