An extraordinary adrenaline experience

Prague is a city that offers not only tourists, but also local people interesting opportunities to get out and about. You`ll find everything here, from bars with quality music and alcohol, to monuments, to escape games or other adrenaline experiences. But today we will focus on a special one that will get your blood pumping. Come on, wouldn`t you like to try shooting a real gun? In real life, you probably won`t get lucky with anything like that, that is, assuming you don`t have a valid license. Try the gun range in Prague

man with a gun

Fun for individuals and groups

Do you like to have fun in a large group or do you prefer to spend your free time alone? In both cases, you can go to the shooting range. There are several weapons to choose from that you can try according to your own choice. You don`t have to worry, trained staff are at your disposal all the time. He will teach you not only to control the weapon, but also to handle it safely. And what do you know, you might like the fun so much that you decide to return to the shooting range again in the future. And what`s more, pass the firearms license exam right away.

gun range

Fun for men only

That shooting a gun is more of a man`s business? That`s true, but who says women can`t fall in love with this activity too. In the beginning, you may have a certain distance from the weapon, but this will soon change. In fact, there is nothing difficult about controlling the weapon and anyone can do it. In addition, it is said that women are generally better at shooting targets than men.

Just for fun without a gun license

Even those who do not have a firearms license can shoot at the shooting range under the supervision of an expert. Therefore, anyone can really try shooting a gun. You can come to the shooting range calmly with up to nine other friends and enjoy unrepeatable fun with a touch of adrenaline.